The 8th Annual
Vancouver Spring ShowTM

7:30pm, April 1st 2017

Queen Elizabeth Theatre,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Adhere to an attitude of art making,
        to fulfill one’s passion,with no regret.”

- Cherry Tao / Founder & Director

When East meets West, When Contemporary meets Traditional

Since 2010, Vancouver Spring Show has presenting artistic performances and provided a stage for local and Chinese performers to delivery different forms of arts. Vancouver Spring Show has become a highly recognized icon in the local Chinese based community. Every year, "Chun Zhan" are adhering to the original, fine, multi- cultural, large-scale production of the principal, each year sets new height and expectation, and it’s believed that this year’s production will reach a new height.

24 Solar Terms

On November 30 2016, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) formally adopted a resolution to China to declare the "24 solar terms" to be included in the UNESCO List of representative works on the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. It is based on ancient practice of observing the annual solar, lunar, and stellar movements to compile the calculation of time. In the international meteorological world, this system was given the title "China's fifth greatest invention."

The 8th Annual Show

The 8th Annual Vancouver Spring Show is bringing audience an incredible show using transitional 24 solar terms as its concept to deliver the season of spring: Awakening of Insects, a time of sprouting and living, vernal equinox, a time to declare longer and longer daylight, and more…Also inspired by other Chinese cultures, poetry, costumes, the Flying Art of Dunhuang Wall-paintings, and other intangible cultural heritage; Vancouver Spring show will present an highly original and visually stunning production with various performance, such as Chinese opera, indigenous instruments performance, modern dance, folk dance, musicals..., will certainly bring audience an unforgettable evening.


  • 1

    Use transitional 24 solar terms as the framework along with some contemporary twist to construct an original dance performance. With fully cultural elements, such as Chinese poetry, historical costumes, traditional instruments to present a new piece of romance, culture, and creation;
  • 2

    Highly professional members tailoring the show, from drafting, dance, visual effect, and more to create this great show together;
  • 3

    The programs merge elements from different aspects, different diversity, and art performance from different regions that recognized as intangible Cultural Heritage to collaborate into new forms of performance.


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Li xiang

Xiang Li / Dance Artist

Li Xiang is a Chinese dancer and the member of Chinese Dancers Association. In 2008, he stood first in People's Liberation Army Academy of Art entr...

Zhu bingzhen

Bingzhen Zhu / Chinese Opera Singer

An outstanding young actoress from Northern Kunqu Opera Theater. In 2009 Bingzhen Zhu graduated from National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. In 2...

Dong mei

Mei Dong / Dance Artist

Dong Mei’s pursuit of dance at the age of eleven. Her passion for dance has led her through all the intensive trainings in Beijing Dance Academy (B...

Yang ziyue

Ziyue Yang / Singer

Younger singer of China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble. She graduated from School of Music of Minzu University of China and learned after Chinese f...

Li min

Matthew Li / Pianist

Praised by the Toronto Sun as “a pragmatic musician,” Vancouver raised pianist Matthew Li is a diverse and adventurous musician who has garnered pr...

Travis lim

Travis Lim / World Champion Hiphop Dancer

Travis Lim, a 17 years old Hiphop Dancer has crowned the World Champion title at the  most prestigious Hiphop dance events around the world: IDO Wo...

Lanie mcauley

Lanie McAuley / Singer

Born and raised in Cloverdale, BC, Lanie McAuley is a fierce triple threat. She shot her first commercial at the age of one, and has been working i...

Ashley green

Ashley Green / Cellist

Born in the city of Mozart, Ashley joined the Young Artist Performance Academy at The Royal Conservatory of Music, and at age 17, enrolled at The G...

Lin min

Min Lin / Guqin Artist

Graduating from Yangzhou University, Lin has studied Zheng since 1987, under the tutelage of Yangzhou University Professors Wang Xiaoping and Fu Mi...

Jason wang

Jason Wang / Martial Art Master

Master Jason Wang come from Quanzhou, Fujian. At the age of 6, Master Jason began his Martial Arts training. He has won over 50 awards, including 1...

Jeffery leung

Jeffrey Leung / Martial Art Champion

Jeffrey Leung has been practicing martial arts since the age of 7. Since then he has participated in numerous martial art competitions, often bring...

Kristie sita

Kristie Sita / Dance Artist

Kristie Sita is a professional dancer, and recent addition to Vancouver. After enjoying competitive success at World Championship level, Kristie de...

Harbour dance center

Harbour Dance Centre (ITP) / Modern Dance Group

Harbour Dance Centre is Vancouver’s leading multi-disciplinary centre and a name that is synonymous with excellence in dance education. Its Intensi...

Xiaohua tao

Xiaohua Tao / Erhu Player

Xiaohua Tao, the first Erhu player in Liaoning Provincial Mass Art Museum National Orchestra. He began to follow his father’s lead since 5 years ol...

Motion artistry

Motion Artistry / Dance Academy

Motion Artistry has been founded for almost 10 years in Vancouver. It is the sub dance academy from “Beijing Little Peacock School’s of Dance” Chin...


Mama Dance Company / Dance Group

Vancouver Mama Dance Company, a nonprofit dance group of local Chinese mothers. Over the past few years, under the leadership of Nancy To, engaging...

Inner ring circus

Inner Ring Circus / Circus

The Inner Ring Circus is a professional entertainment company, specializing in one-of-a-kind productions and spectacular events. We inspire, develo...

Cheon doong

Cheondoong Performing Arts Society / Drum Group

Cheondoong plays traditional Korean percussion music with modernistic originality. The word Cheondoong translates to thunder in English. Like the s...

Vancouver tap society

Vancouver Tap Society / Dance Group

TapCo is an elite group of dancers from the Vancouver Tap Dance Society. This globe-trotting company performs cutting-edge contemporary choreograph...


Cherry tao

Cherry Tao / Director

Art director, engaged in dance education for more than 30 years, Cherry has created a small peacock troupe in Beijing, successfully nurture many ta...

Lin chen

Chen Lin / Art Director

Under the tutelage of famous director Mr. Zhang Jigang. Lin is the director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the famous Chines...

George lian

George Lian / Executive Producer

The Chief President of CCBA Canada China Business Association. Culturally rich and diverse, The Vancouver Spring Show will serve as a bridge toward...

Gang chen

Gang Chen / Art Consultant

China Central Academy of Drama professor, doctoral instructor, director of performance department, film and drama director. Born in a drama family,...

Yuqin hong

Qin Hongyu / Musical Director

Composer for Navy political art troupe studio and Beijing Olympic Games official documentary "China marks on Olympic".Since the first meeting, we h...

Qi wang

Wang Qi / Chief Stage Designer

Member of Chinese stage designer association, stage design director for Beijing Comic Opera Festival and opera exchange activities between China an...


Chimerik / Visual Design

Chimerik is an interdisciplinary collective that seeks to explore the permeable boundaries between n various art forms and disciplines in order to ...

Joel hanna

Joel Hanna / Art Director (Canada)

Called “one of the most exciting dancers to ever step on the world stage”, Joel Hanna is a World renowned dancer and choreographer whose skill set ...

Li haining

Haining Li

National secondary director. She has worked at the Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre, Chinese Song and Dance Troupe, Oriental Dance Troupe, graduated...

Li shanshan

Shanshan Li

Modern dance director, studied at the Beijing Dance Academy undergraduate from 2010 to 2014. Since 2015 she has studied her master at the Beijing...

Wu juan

Juan Wu
Chief Costume Design

After graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy Art Design Department of costume design in 2016, she founded her personal studio and apparel product...

Zhang qun

Qiong Zhang
Art Director Assistant

Participating in the National Grand Theatre seventh "Chunhua Qiushi" festival; In 2015 she participated the twenty-fourth annual Korean Dance Festi...

Chen zhigang

Show Scriptwriter

Graduated from Xiamen University in 1992. A’Gang engaged in 16 years of advertising work, served as 14 years of television advertising director, 11...

Master xuan ling

XuanLing Master
Honorary Fengshui Master

Vancouver famous Feng Shui master, qigong master, original from Taiwan, has the began her study since the age of six. Proficient Feng Shui, fortune...

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