The 9thAnnual
Vancouver Spring Show

Queen Elizabeth Theretre
Vancouver, BC

7:30 PM

MAR 31st SAT

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2018 Event Program Book

To learn more about this year's event, please  download the event program book.


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Liunian Music Studio
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Nine times makes perfect; After eight years of success, Vancouver Spring Show is back for a spectacular performance, and blossom for another master piece.

In the past eight years, Vancouver Spring Show has always been original, exquisite, and diverse.  Every year, the performance has been a break-through to challenge artists from different regions to collaborate and to create something unique. It focuses on merging art performance from eastern and western culture and connect Chinese and Canadian culture together.

This year’s Vancouver Spring show is brought by a amazing team: music by Bian Liunian, a respectful musician who was responsible for musical production of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremony, directed by famous performance artist and educator, Cherry Tao, and Joel Hanna, world-renowned dancer and choreographer, as the art director. Their talents with high technology visual effects, will truly create a dream-like “Spring” to you.

This year’s performance has four acts: The calling of the Spring, The Awakening of the Spring, The Redolence of the Spring, and the Blossom of the Spring. There will be the runner up of “The Voice China”, D'arcy Han, and the well known Nigerian singer in China bringing some great music performance to the event. Furthermore, Sichuan Opera Troupe and local artists are creating something special with traditional Chinese performing art and Canadian contemporary dance. Blue Sky Youths Art Performance and Motion Artistry Ltd will deliver some spectacular talents as most powerful youth dance performance.

With nearly hundred of professionals, art director, choreographer, designers, and performing artists, from China and Canada, Vancouver Spring Show will present audience a artistic and unique take on ”Spring.” You can certainly expect to see some beautiful set designs and costumes, high level of performance, and some great cultural merge.


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Price list


Cherryblossoms small郝歌

Hao Ge


Hao Ge (Chinese: 郝歌; pinyin: Hǎo Gē) Hao Ge (Chinese: 郝歌; pinyin: Hǎo Gē) is the Chinese stage name of Nigerian-born singer Uwechue Emmanuel. He rose to fame through a performance with Han Hong on the CCTV New Year's Gala and has emerged as one of the most notable foreign singers in China...Read More



Singer / Songwriter

Canadian singer/songwriter Zizi took China by storm on Sing! China (formerly the Voice China), broadcast internationally to the one of the world’s largest TV audiences. Working with Liu Huan, China's King of Pop, Zizi has become equally lauded as both a dynamic performer and powerful songwriter…Read More

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Sichuan opera troupe

Sichuan Opera Troupe

Opera Artistic Performance Group

Sichuan opera troupe is Sichuan opera artistic performance group . 50 over the past over years, the troupe created the performance to include "white snake's biography" successively ," Xiu Ru Ji" ," Fulu biography ", and newly organize the historical play and" HeQin write" ,"Wo HuLing" ," moon of Mount Emei", opera with contemporary theme" urgent wave loyal heart"; Folktale " WangNiang beach" by drama ,"Face Changing","madam of commander-in-chief in ancient China Dong Zhujun" ,"BaShan Xiucai" ,"The sound of bell"The number of outstanding drama is more than 200, Have trained and brought up the large quantities of performer and clerk with attainments of higher art...Read More



Director of Operations

Cherryblossoms small毛庭齐


Actor / Casting Director

Cherryblossoms small刘谊















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Cherryblossoms small藍天幼兒園

Beijing Airforce Bluesky Infant School



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Mei dong

Mei Dong

Dance Artist

Dong Mei’s pursuit of dance at the age of eleven. Her passion for dance has led her through all the intensive trainings in Beijing Dance Academy (BDA), where she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree...Read More

Cherryblossoms smallLi huan

Li, Huan


From the music family, she began her study of violin since the age of 5 from her mother; With the top score she enrolled to the Shenyang School of Music, then completed her undergraduate and becoming an instructor. And then studied under music master Oliva...Read More

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Motion artistry

Motion Artistry

Dance Academy

Motion Artistry has been founded for almost 10 years in Vancouver. It is the sub dance academy from “Beijing Little Peacock School’s of Dance” China which has more than 25 years history. Besides body figure sculpting training, Motion Artistry also provides the students valuable opportunities by winning many provincial dance competitions every year and also been involved many local community events and show performances.

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Amelia tu

Amelia Tu

Amelia Tu entered Motion Artistry at the age of 6, and has now been dancing at the studio for 10 years. She has become a leader of the student body and has had many experiences competing in a variety of competitions. This Spring Show will mark Amelia's 9th show wherein she will take on a significant role as one of the main performers. 

Cherryblossoms smallCherry


Cherry is 15 years old . She has been performing 4 times at the ChunZhan Festival as principal dancer . What dancing has brought her is not only the beauty on the stage but also the opportunity for her to explore the world .Her experience and practice at Motion Artistry will provide her a very promising future in performing arts and other forms of art.

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Cherryblossoms smallSerena qu

Serena Qu

Serana Qu, is 6 years old. She has received many awards including 1st place China-Canadian Network Piano Contest,1st place in the BCRMTA SPG Festival , 1st place American Protege Internationgal Music Talent Competition Festival , 1st place of the Children's group in the Chinese Junior "Xiao Jin Zhong" Contest.



Isabelle Xinyi Wang is 10 yeas old. She has received many awards including 1st place in Pacific International Young Pianist Competition, 1st place& judges' distinction award of American Protege International Music Talent Competition,1st place in Los Angeles Young Musicians International Festival, 3st place in HongKong International Music Festival, 3st place in Canadian Music Competition(CMC).Isabelle Xinyi Wang is 10 yeas old. She has received many awards including 1st place in Pacific International Young Pianist Competition, 1st place& judges' distinction award of American Protege International Music Talent Competition,1st place in Los Angeles Young Musicians International Festival, 3st place in HongKong International Music Festival, 3st place in Canadian Music Competition(CMC).

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Cherry tao

Cherry Tao


Art director, engaged in dance education for more than 30 years, Cherry has created a small peacock troupe in Beijing, successfully nurture many talented artists. She won the first prize and director award in many professional dance competitions. At the same time she also participated in the CCTV Spring Festival song and dance event, “the same song” variety show, the 60th anniversary celebration of the nation...Read More

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George lian

George Lian

President of Canada China Business Association

President of Canada China Business Association. Started Vancouver Spring Show with Cherry Tao 7 years ago along with other members. Host and produced numerous events and shows in Canada.

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Bian liunian

Bian, Liunian

Music Director, Musician, Composer

National Class A composer, Erhu player and musician. Standing committee member of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Vice-Chairmen of China Association of Popular Music...Read More

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Joel Hanna

Art Director

Called “one of the most exciting dancers to ever step on the world stage”, Joel Hanna is a World renowned dancer and choreographer whose skill set is as impressive and diverse as his resume.  Known for his athletic and boundary-breaking mixture of tap dance, musical percussion, Irish dance, Contemporary and martial arts...Read More

Joel hanna
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Qi wang

Qi Wang

Chief Stage Designer

Member of Chinese stage designer association, stage design director for Beijing Comic Opera Festival and opera exchange activities between China and France, team member of Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony stage design and stage designer for a number of domestic and foreign large-scale activities and musicals.Read More



Visual Design

Chimerik is an interdisciplinary collective that seeks to explore the permeable boundaries between n various art forms and disciplines in order to constitute new entities. They have rated visually, aurally and conceptually in numerous multi-disciplinary and research projects which have exhibited across Canada, Western Europe, and Asia including Centre Pompidou(Paris), Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei...Read More

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Makeup Artist

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Xuanling master

XuanLing Master

Honorary Fengshui Master

Vancouver famous Feng Shui master, qigong master, original from Taiwan, has the began her study since the age of six. Proficient Feng Shui, fortune telling, Tao and more. "Have worked with the team for many years, found that “Vancouver Spring Show” is a multicultural, high quality, well produced, positive event."

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Technical Support

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